Al-Nilain Mosque in Omdurmon


Al-Nilain ( آنلاين) is the largest mosque beside the Nile from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean. It was built almost 30 years ago and was designed to resemble the Muslim prayer cap known as a tagia.

If traffic is good it is a scenic 10 minute taxi ride over the white nile bridge from downtown Khartoum.
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  1. roberto simonetti says:

    Hello Midhat Mahir,
    congratulation for your web site!
    I like it.I like also mountain bike.
    I am a biker too.I think you have to wear helmet!!!
    Next time I will got Sudan from Egipt,I will bring you one of mine.
    Have you a nice day ciao roberto.
    p.s. Is it true that a road near the cost to Sudan from Egipt is ready?
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