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Phones and internet are unreliable in Sudan especially the parts where we are often working so feel free to try and call and email multiple times.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile : +249 (0) 912253484
Mobile : +249 (0) 123053484

Office location:
Sayed Abdul Rahman Street & Malik Ave
Sati building
1st floor, flat no 1
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Exact addresses are tricky in Khartoum, but if you tell any taxi
Sayed Abdul Rahman Street & El Taiyer Izz Ed Din Street in Khartoum 1 (downtown Khartoum) near the Regency hotel.
That will get you to the cross-roads. Then our offices are in the building on the North East Corner of those cross-roads.

There is a gas station on the same block to the East, and the Regency hotel is caddy corner.