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Midhat is the manager and driving force behind Mashansharti. His family is from Wadi Halfa along the Northern-Sudan border but he and his team work in every corner of the country.

One of Midhat’s passions is cycling. When you enter the Mashansharti office you’ll probably notice the bicycles leaning against the wall. Midhat often rides them to and from work but also joins in races through Sudan as a guide and leader.

Midhat is one of those rare people that only needs a few hours of sleep, so you can often contact him at almost any hour of the day or night.

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Email and google chat: [email protected]
On Facebook:Midhat Mahir
Mobile : +249 (0) 912253484
Mobile : +249 (0) 121313101
Mobile : +249 (0) 912253484
Mobile : +249 (0) 121313101

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  1. Midhat,
    Your photos aren’t appearing.
    I appreciate the transparency and that you are open to people contacting you.
    I’m traveling to all 54 African countries and I look forward to returning to Sudan.

  2. Jessica says:

    For anyway wondering whether to visit Sudan or not, I would say, doubt no longer and plan your travels. The country has so many friendly people and it is surprisingly straightforward to travel around by public transport provided you have found your way through all the red tape! Midhat is extremely helpful in getting you through the red tape. Ten years ago Midhat helped me out when I needed a travel permit to travel around north-east Sudan. He also put me in touch with his family members along my travel route which made my travels so much easier at the time. In December 2017 I decided to visit Sudan again, this time with a husband in tow. I reached out to Midhat again and he provided us with an invitation letter to obtain the Sudan visa at the embassy in London. Once we reached Khartoum he had already prepared us a travel permit that we just had to fill in. He also managed to get our passports and visas registered over the weekend (required to be able to travel out of Khartoum) which took away so much hassle and allowed us to enjoy what Khartoum has to offer. Thanks Midhat, I hope to meet you again one day in beautiful Sudan 🙂

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