About Sudan

Formal Name: Republic of the Sudan (Jumhuriyat as-Sudan). Term for Citizen(s): Sudanese. Capital: Khartoum. Other Major Cities: Omdurman, Khartoum North, Port Sudan, Kassala, Al Ubayyid, and Nyala (according to decreasing size, 1993 census). Sudan gained independence from the United Kingdom and Egypt on January 1, 1956. Climate: The climate varies from tropical wet and dry…

Al-Nilain Mosque in Omdurmon

Al-Nilain ( آنلاين) is the largest mosque beside the Nile from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean. It was built almost 30 years ago and was designed to resemble the Muslim prayer cap known as a tagia. If traffic is good it is a scenic 10 minute taxi ride over the white nile bridge from downtown Khartoum….

Sufi Services at Hamid-El-Nil in Omdurman

Sudan has a large population of Sufis, a more mystic, emotional sect of Islam. One of the largest gatherings is every Friday evening as the sun goes down in Omdurman. The location is in the middle of a large cemetery, beside a beautiful shrine. View Larger Map

Sudan’s Pyramids Near Merowe

When we hear the words “Pyramids” most people think about Egypt and Pharaohs and mysterious black magic. If you have ever been to the Egypts pyramids you know that they are immense tourist traps. But those big piles of rock in Egypt are actually copies of the origional pyramids here in Sudan. In Sudan the…