Hotels in Khartoum

In the last few years many hotels have been springing up in Khartoum. There is a wide variety from the posh Corinthia Burj Al Fateh, Rotana and Coral 5 star hotelsĀ  to the shared room lokandas that fill Khartoum II. Sudan has tourism dedicated police stationed at hotels to ensure that tourist are not molested.

A suitable 3 star hotels in Khartoum is Regency Hotel in the heart of Khartoum which has a good restaurant and an internet cafe.

The leading 4 star hotels are Grand Holiday Villa on the Nile Corniche which has a travel agency and fine restaurant and Kanon Hotel on 15th Street in the exclusive Amarat quarter of Khartoum.

Merowe in the heart of Sudan’s Nubia/Kush heritage site reigion has a luxurious tourist village with 5 star facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium and lucious gardens

For tourist wishing to stay longer convenience are available, furnished and with a cook and house cleaner.

Rotana Hotel, Africa Road, Erkaweit, Khartoum