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Midhat has been in the tourism business for 8 years and has built a reputation as one of the best in Sudan.  Just google “Midhat Mahir” to get an unfiltered account of what his previous customers have to say.


Yes, you could do it all yourself, but this guy has all the contacts and knowledge and can move the paperwork thru the corridors, get the right stamps in the right place and even get decisions changed if required, like he did with us as we got told initially our vehicles couldn’t go for another week. He saved us an awful lot of hassles and frustration and is a top bloke!  –  AfricaOverland.com.au

Midhat was extremely reliable, very hospitable and most helpful. We would have struggled if we had not had him to sort out our paperwork. When you see him, please wish him our best regards. He may remember us, we gave him a photo of our white Toyota Land Cruiser. In General we found the Sudanese people to be the nicest people we met on our entire trip through Africa.    – Dreamers1.com

I am very grateful to all of them for helping out. Ditto to Mazar and Midhat Mahir who have been so helpful here in Sudan with logistics. – expedition360.com

A Sudanese is informing us that this is Sudan not Egypt, and the taxi fare is fixed: 300,00 Dinar. A man on a modern mountain bike, Midhat Mahir, arrives and gives us money for the taxi. – backwood.at

Hiring a car, with or without a driver, is astonishingly expensive. Contact Khartoum’s best tourist fixer, Midhat Mahir at [email protected] and he can help you find the best deal for what you want to do.  – LonelyPlanet.com

The famous Midhat welcomed us from the shore, to be our chaperone through the reams of paperwork. Without him the bureaucracy would be impossible. The authorities have great trust in him and he is a breath of fresh air after Egypt. -enableafrica.net

Midhat Mahir. The only reason I mention this is because if you go anywhere near this part of the world you simply have to utilise this guy. Midhats claim to fame is that he has about 0.5% body fat, has riddden through the Nubian desert (900km) on a mountain bike in something like 5 days!! He can also organise anything. Here’s what he did for us:

  • booked our super luxurious hotel in advance for us. (you should do this because everyone wants to stay there while waiting for the ferry)
  • booked our train trip from Khartoum to Wadi and had his brother meet us in Khartoum and escourt us to the train station and helped us get all that stuff sorted out
  • he arranged the exit from Sudan in it;s entirety, carnet, visa etc
  • his other brother, Mazar, actaully went with us in the ferry into Egypt and assisted with the calamatous entry procedure into Egypt. Simply superb.

– ukGSer.com

So after unbelievable help from Wadi Halfa’s son, Midhat Mahir of Globtours, a man who surpasses legendary status for knowing the system, his helpfulness and genuine kindness, sporting a load of river stuff, I left for Ethiopia. I hope to return in a few months in a kayak with all limbs intact. –marktanner.com

One of the sad parts about leaving Sudan, was that our Sudanese guide and fellow rider Midhat Mahir wasn’t able to join us in Ethiopia as he wasn’t given an exit permit by the Sudanese. Everyone in the group was pretty bummed by the news as we thought he would ride to Addis Ababa with us, and so no-one got to say goodbye or thank him for all his help and friendship. Midhat is one of the most friendly, generous and helpful people I have ever met, and an incredibly strong rider too. He’d come blazing past us riding his cobbled together bike in flip-flops, running on 2 hours sleep and his strong coffee. I didn’t even get a photo with him so will have to get one emailed to me by one of the other hours. Anyway if you are ever in Wadi Halfa, just ask for Midhat – everyone knows him – and the guy will bend over backwards to help you. –BeijingToIstanbul.com

Midhat is an invaluable asset to our tour. He’s a great cyclist, he seems to know everyone in the whole country, he tells the most insane stories and over the past few years he has become a very good friend. Ever since he heard about the Tour d’Afrique his dream has been to been to be the first Sudanese man to cross Africa by bike. I hope that one day his dream will come true. –TourDafrique

Hello, Midhat!

I have reviewed all the travel agency websites and you seem to be to be the most competent and best organized.

I would very much like to work with you for my current and long range plans for Sudan.


水曜日の朝8時、何人かの欧米人ツーリストが、このMr. Mazar Mahir (マザール・マヒア氏)の事務所前に集まってくる。 そして、彼が、皆の、フェリーに乗るまでの出国手続きを案内してくれる。 基本的に、要所要所で各自が料金を払う(参照 ‘ border ‘)ので、彼がピンハネする場面はない。 また、彼はチップもせがんでこないので、どうやって飯を食っているのか、謎である。

彼は英語が話せて、しかも親切。 彼は、KhartoumハルツームのMr. Moez Mahir (モエズ・マヒア氏)の弟。 彼はWadi Halfaワジ・ハルファでは有名なので、人に聞けばすぐ見つけられる。


  1. Hi Midhat,your Info-pages about you and your Travel-Agency are great and I’m sure you are the best guide Tourists can find in Sudan.I’m hoping that we can repeat our stay in Sudan one day.Take care,all the best for you and your business.
    Best regards Renate

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