Helping set a new world record from Cape Town to London

Midhat and the Mashansharti Tours was proud to assist in the setting of a new world record for fastest drive from Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa, to London. The old record stood for some 30 years, set by the British Army in a Land Rover.

Midhat met them at the Ethiopian border in the Sudanese town of Gallabat, helping them enter the Sudan on Febuary 6th. After a full day of driving they hit Wadi Halfa at 2am where Midhat and his crew expedited the paperwork while Philip and Paul caught a quick nap in Midhat’s house.

Then the pair continued on along the eastern nile road from the Ishket village. This is the first time a tourist has used that road for almost 15 years. Normally it is restricted to military and truck traffic.