Newly paved road from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum

There used to be only a slow train and a fast but bumpy bus between Wadi Halfa and Khartoum.  Both have been replaced by a newly paved road and a fast buses that run the evening and next day after the ferry arrives.  The latest bus price is 90 Sudanese Pounds ($39) and can be…

Sudanese Fixer based in Khartoum

Midhat and his guides are the ideal fixers. They know the history, language, government, and all of the logistics necessary to get around. They are based in Khartoum, but work all around the country. You can see his reputation here. Midhat works with journalists from all the major newspapers and helped pull off the filming…

Sufi Services at Hamid-El-Nil in Omdurman

Sudan has a large population of Sufis, a more mystic, emotional sect of Islam. One of the largest gatherings is every Friday evening as the sun goes down in Omdurman. The location is in the middle of a large cemetery, beside a beautiful shrine. View Larger Map

Sudan’s Pyramids Near Merowe

When we hear the words “Pyramids” most people think about Egypt and Pharaohs and mysterious black magic. If you have ever been to the Egypts pyramids you know that they are immense tourist traps. But those big piles of rock in Egypt are actually copies of the origional pyramids here in Sudan. In Sudan the…

Latest Trip

Here are a few pictures from Midhat’s latest trip.